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From an early age, I have been passionate about photography. Combined with my love for travel,  I have been blessed with the opportunity to live in various places around the globe.

Daughter of a Lebanese father and a French mother, I believe that photography is a language that can be understood anywhere in the world. It also gives me the opportunity to capture the beauty of different subjects -be it architecture, art, people or nature and relive those moments one frame at a time.

More recently I have been exploring abstract and texture photography, with the aim of redefining the perception of the real.  

Some of the featured photographs are available in limited edition upon request.  

Get in touch by filling in the Contact form at the end of the page.

One photograph is currently for sale via the online boutique

Offline Publication:

"Turn the Page"

Leica Courrier 102 Edition (2019) Client Magazine

-> 1 Photograph featured in the April 2018 edition of the SWISS magazine (slide 40)

Bolero Magazine, Summer 2018, Interior picture, page 57

Helvetiss Immo Magazine, June/ July 2018, page 4, 14, 15

"Quand l'architecture se transforme en art", 20 Minutes (1/06/2018)

-> 1 photograph selected and published 

Online Publications:

The Leica Camera Blog Suisse (FR), 07/2018

The Leica Camera Blog Schweiz (DE), 07/2018

The Leica Camera Blog Suisse (FR), 05/2019

Leica Master Shot, 07/2019

Leila Master Shot, 08/2019

Leica Master Shot, 11/2019

Photovogue, Vogue Magazine Italy

1 photograph for the Geneva-based Fondation Sesam  and its program "Gesture from the Heart"

PHOTOagora - "Temps suspendu", 04/2020


 "Girl Power" (1 photograph displayed) at Next Door Gallery, Geneva, March 1-17, 2018

Clinique de la Lignière, Gland, 02/09/19 -20/10/19

Strasbourg Art Photography 2020, 28/02-31/03/20

Photography Courses:

Venezia  Photo 2018, Venezia, February 19-22, 2018

Masterclass with Peter Knapp

Online Masterclass with Annie Leibovitz, January 2019

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